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memcached extension changelog
Version 0.2.0
* Add JSON serializer support, requires PHP 5.2.10+.
* Add HAVE_JSON and HAVE_IGBINARY class constants that indicate
whether the respective serializers are available.
* Add 'flags' parameter to getMulti() and getMultiByKey().
* Add GET_PRESERVE_ORDER class constant that can be used with
abovementioned flags parameter to make the order of the keys in the
response match the request.
* Fix an issue with retrieving 0-length payloads (FALSE boolean value).
* Refactor the way payload types are stored in memcached flags to optimize
the structure and allow for future expansion. WARNING! You have to flush
the cache when upgrading to this version.
* Add several tests.
Version 0.1.5
* Implement getVersion().
* Add support for preserving boolean value types.
* Fix crash when child class does not call constructor.
* Fix bug #16084 (Crash when addServers is called with an associative array).
* ZTS compilation fixes.
Version 0.1.4
* Fix compilation against PHP 5.3.
* Add support for 'igbinary' serializer (Oleg Grenrus)
Version 0.1.3
* Bludgeon bug #15896 (Memcached setMulti error) into submission.
Version 0.1.2
* Fix bug #15896 (Memcached setMulti error).
* Check for empty key in getServerByKey().
* Allow passing 'null' for callbacks.
* get() with cas token fetching wasn't erroring out properly.
* Rename certain parameters in the API to be more clear.
* Allow only strings as the append/prepend value.
* Remove expiration parameter from append/prepend.
Version 0.1.1
* Implement addServers() method.
* Swap internal compressed and serialized flags to be compatible with other clients.
Version 0.1.0
* Initial release