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A combination of command pattern and event system to support the development of a testable, composable and serviceable object graphs that work as one service.
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Serviceable Objects

A library that attempts to lower the total complexity of a system by introducing a layer of objects-like-services.

Instead of the system objects to call each stage by wrapping them in functions, this library provides a layer of a bus-like system that provides the communication with each object (that acts as a kind of internal long running service). The responsibility of each of those objects is to use commands and events as a service, to provide the signals and the means programmatically and dynamically to the whole system of objects.


This library has been designed according the following principles on the service level:

  • Testable
  • Composable
  • Configurable
  • Instrumentable
  • Scalable
  • Updatable (TODO)


  • Contexts:

Contexts are the heart of the system. They provide the necessary abstraction to allow commands to apply on them, either synchronous or asynchronous, and they provide a chainable developer experience.

  • Commands:

Commands are the immutable objects that direct a change or some kind of business logic on a specific context. Commands can be modelled decoupled from their data. This allows commands to be transferred across domains when the respective bits are included in both sides.

  • Events:

Events are a byproduct of a command being applied to a context. It's the resulting signals that something happens and can be followed up from other listeners.

  • Graphs:

Graphs provide the composition of a system that consists from contexts. When commands applied to the graph, events flow in a consistent and predictive manner. Contexts that are connected together can react to the events and provide specific business logic depending the scenario.

  • Services:

Services are an encapsulation of Graphs that can be described uniquely across a large microservices system.

  • Services orchestrator:

The responsible part that orchestrates the start, stop and containment of a service.

  • Application host:

The runtime connection to a process. A developer can customise it in a custom process.

Master Status

Build Status


Project Description Supporting Platform
Serviceable.Objects The main Context/Command/Event/Graph library .NET Standard 1.3
Serviceable.Objects.Remote Everything that has to do with remotables, JSON and dynamicity .NET Standard 1.3
Serviceable.Objects.IO Streaming and remoting support .NET Standard 1.3
Serviceable.Objects.Instrumentation Powershell integration and instrumentation .NET Standard 1.6 or .NET Core 2.0

If you have a comment

Feel free to contact me at:


Licensed under MIT.

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