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import csv
class GenomeExtractor:
@author: Nigesh Shakya(neaGaze)
@timestamp: 06/08/2016 @ 12:54am (UTC)
The Class file that examines the file downloaded via prefetch (see #2),
and returns a string corresponding to the genome starting n bases
before startPosition and carrying on to m bases after endPosition. If
either n or m are not provided, default them to 100.
This patch pertains to issue #3 in the github wiki
def __init__(self, infile, **kwargs):
blast_file = open(infile, 'r')
self.reader = csv.reader(blast_file, dialect=csv.excel_tab)
def find_neighbours(self, start_position, end_position, n=100, m=100):
""" Genome Extractor """
has_data_found = False
matched_gene = ""
for row in self.reader:
if row[0] == "//":
if row[0].startswith("ORIGIN"):
has_data_found = True
if has_data_found:
row_vals = row[0].split()
pos = int(row_vals[0])
if start_position - n <= pos < end_position + m:
matched_gene += " ".join(row_vals)
matched_gene += "\n"
return matched_gene