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from google.appengine.ext import ndb
from webapp2_extras.i18n import _lazy as _
import model, utils
class PostModel(model.FormModel):
"""Common base for all kinds of user content, including blog, forum posts, comments..."""
author = model.AuthorProperty()
created = ndb.DateTimeProperty(auto_now_add=True)
content = model.EscapedHtmlProperty(verbose_name=_("Content"))
def author_key(self):
return self._properties.get("author")
def display_created(self):
return "%d/%d/%d" % (, self.created.month, self.created.year)
class MasterPostModel(PostModel):
"""Base class for posts that make a new "topic", such as blog entries, and the forum posts that starts a thread."""
title = ndb.StringProperty(verbose_name=_("Title"))
slug = ndb.StringProperty()
slave_count = ndb.IntegerProperty(default=0)
content = model.FilteredHtmlProperty(verbose_name=_("Content"))
"""Pagination for slaves."""
def default_pagination(self):
raise Exception("")
def _validation(self):
return {
"title": {
"max_length": (120,),
"required": (),
def make_slug(self):
self.slug = utils.slugify(self.title)
count = 1; slug = self.slug; num = 2
while count > 0:
count = self.__class__.query(self.__class__.slug == slug).count()
if count <= 0: break
slug = "{}-{}".format(self.slug, num)
num += 1
self.slug = slug
class SlavePostModel(PostModel):
"""Base class for things like comments, forum replies..."""
def _validation(self):
return {
"content": {
"required": (),
def put(self, master=None, pagination=None, *args, **kwds):
super(SlavePostModel, self).put(*args, **kwds);
master = master or self.key.parent().get()
master.slave_count += 1
if pagination: pagination.slave_insert_hook(self)
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