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package rev
// An plugin that allows the user to inject behavior at various points in the request cycle.
type Plugin interface {
BeforeRequest(c *Controller)
AfterRequest(c *Controller)
OnException(c *Controller, err interface{})
// It provides default (empty) implementations for all the required methods.
type EmptyPlugin struct{}
func (p EmptyPlugin) OnAppStart() {}
func (p EmptyPlugin) BeforeRequest(c *Controller) {}
func (p EmptyPlugin) AfterRequest(c *Controller) {}
func (p EmptyPlugin) OnException(c *Controller, err interface{}) {}
type PluginCollection []Plugin
var plugins PluginCollection
func RegisterPlugin(p Plugin) {
plugins = append(plugins, p)
func (plugins PluginCollection) OnAppStart() {
for _, p := range plugins {
func (plugins PluginCollection) BeforeRequest(c *Controller) {
for _, p := range plugins {
func (plugins PluginCollection) AfterRequest(c *Controller) {
for _, p := range plugins {
func (plugins PluginCollection) OnException(c *Controller, err interface{}) {
for _, p := range plugins {
p.OnException(c, err)
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