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Built with Phalcon

Gallery of applications, demos and projects built with Phalcon


This site has been inspired by The github code has been forked and adapted to Phalcon. Credits to the contributors of that project for their hard work.

Adding your project

  1. Decide on a project permalink. This will be the URL part and it has to be unique. If someone else has reserved that name, you will need to choose another one. Example names are: phalconphp-website, phalconphp-forum etc. Please use only alphanumeric characters and dashes.
  2. Fork this repository.
  3. Add a 500 by 500px thumbnail image to public/projects/[yourprojectnamehere]/thumb.png
  4. Add an entry to app/var/projects.json with properties (see below)
  5. Send a pull request

Properties example:

    "permalink": "phalconphp-website",
    "name": "Phalcon Website", 
    "summary": "The website of Phalcon, written with Phalcon!", 
    "description": "Phalcon is a web framework...",
    "url": "",
    "info": "", 
    "src": "", 
    "submitter": "niden",
    "submissionDate": "2014-01-05",
    "images": [], 
    "tags": []


Name Description
permalink This is your project link (appears on the URL)
name will be displayed above the screenshot
summary A short summary of the project
description A lengthy description of the project
url The project URL
info Additional information for the project (blog etc.)
src Url to source repository (optional)
submitter Github username
submissionDate Current date in ISO format
images Names of images placed in public/projects/[yourprojectname]
tags See bellow


Name Description
demo, production, toy choose your app seriousness level
CRUD, entertainment, productivity choose your app type
mysql, mongo, postgres database access
open source tag open source projects
single, multi module, micro type of project
github, bitbucket use if open source
tests included use if open source and tests are included