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Updated changelog for PECL

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niden committed Mar 7, 2020
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Full changelog can be found at:

# [4.0.4]
# [4.0.5]
## Added
- Added a way to utilize GitHub actions to run database tests against each RDBMS and reworked the testing suite. [#14779]($
- Added the latest version of Codeception (v4) and utilized the phalcon4 module. [#14779](

## Changed
- Changed Column 'notNull' definition to make possible create nullable (NULL) columns [#14804](

## Fixed
- Fixed `Phalcon\Db\Adapter\Pdo\Postgresql` to correctly identify `bool` fields instead of treating them as `tinyint` [#14722]($
- Fixed `Phalcon\Cli\Console` to pass current container to the `Phalcon\Mvc\ModuleDefinitionInterface::registerAutoloaders()` [#14787](https://g$
- Fixed `Phalcon\Db\Dialect\Mysql::createTable()` to create default value with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE/DELETE [#14797]
- Fixed `Phalcon\Storage\Adapter\*` to no longer accept the `serializer` option as it was clashing with the factory [#14828]($
- Fixed `Phalcon\Http\Request` to return the correct host on an `UnexpectedValueException` [#14763]($
- Fixed `Phalcon\Assets\Collection` to initialize `position` to 0 [#14848](
- Fixed `Phalcon\Db::fetchAll` to correctly return data when `Enum::FETCH_COLUMN` is supplied. [#13321](
- Fixed Postgres NULL values to not be required during model update. [#14862](
- Fixed MySQL alter column when default value contains not only CURRENT_TIMESTAMP [#14880](
- Fixed MySQL default value with ON UPDATE expression [#14887](
- Fixed `Str::dirFromFile()` to replace `.` with `-` to avoid issues with Windows environments [#14858](


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