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sergeyklay committed Aug 18, 2019
1 parent 3e22c4a commit aefd3155ba43a32c501677eebe4be8ff5ee9a6a7

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@@ -33,32 +33,8 @@

#include <php.h>


/** Memory frame */
typedef struct _zephir_memory_entry {
size_t pointer;
size_t capacity;
zval **addresses;
size_t hash_pointer;
size_t hash_capacity;
zval **hash_addresses;
struct _zephir_memory_entry *prev;
struct _zephir_memory_entry *next;
int permanent;
const char *func;
} zephir_memory_entry;

/** Virtual Symbol Table */
typedef struct _zephir_symbol_table {
struct _zephir_memory_entry *scope;
zend_array *symbol_table;
struct _zephir_symbol_table *prev;
} zephir_symbol_table;

typedef struct _zephir_function_cache {
zend_class_entry *ce;
zend_function *func;
@@ -132,10 +108,10 @@ typedef zend_function zephir_fcall_cache_entry;

#define PHP_PHALCON_NAME "phalcon"
#define PHP_PHALCON_VERSION "4.0.0-beta.1"
#define PHP_PHALCON_VERSION "4.0.0-beta.2"
#define PHP_PHALCON_EXTNAME "phalcon"
#define PHP_PHALCON_AUTHOR "Phalcon Team and contributors"
#define PHP_PHALCON_ZEPVERSION "0.12.0-c893389"
#define PHP_PHALCON_ZEPVERSION "0.12.2-b3f17c25"
#define PHP_PHALCON_DESCRIPTION "Web framework delivered as a C-extension for PHP"

typedef struct _zephir_struct_db {
@@ -172,14 +148,6 @@ ZEND_BEGIN_MODULE_GLOBALS(phalcon)

int initialized;

/* Memory */
zephir_memory_entry *start_memory; /**< The first preallocated frame */
zephir_memory_entry *end_memory; /**< The last preallocate frame */
zephir_memory_entry *active_memory; /**< The current memory frame */

/* Virtual Symbol Tables */
zephir_symbol_table *active_symbol_table;

/** Function cache */
HashTable *fcache;

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