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@niden niden released this Mar 31, 2019 · 73 commits to 4.0.x since this release


  • Added delimiter and enclosure options to Phalcon\Translate\Adapter\Csv constructor
  • Added Phalcon\Http\Message\* namespace implementing PSR-7 and PSR-17. Introducing:
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Request
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\RequestFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Response
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\ResponseFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\ServerRequest
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\ServerRequestFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Stream
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\StreamFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\UploadedFile
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\UploadedFileFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Uri
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\UriFactory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Stream\Input
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Stream\Memory
    • Phalcon\Http\Message\Stream\Temp
      The implementation offers PSR-7/PSR-17 compatible components in a different namespace to allow usage of both Request and Response implementations for this version. #11789
  • Added Phalcon\Helper\* namespace, offering easy manipulations for arrays, numbers etc..
    • Phalcon\Helper\Arr
    • Phalcon\Helper\Number
  • Added Phalcon\Collection, an object implementing ArrayAccess, Countable, IteratorAggregate, JsonSerializable, Serializable, offering an easy way to handle collections of data such as arrays, superglobals etc. #13886
  • Added Phalcon\Collection, in Phalcon\Http\Message\Request and Phalcon\Http\Message\ServerRequest to handle the headers #13907


  • Fixed Phalcon\Image\Adapter\Imagick::_watermark, setImageAlpha() fills the alpha channel with black before execution (replaced by evaluateImage()). Improved imagick compatibility. #13911
  • Fixed Assets Manager hard reference to \Phalcon\Tag, should use DI #12261


  • Refactored Phalcon\Registry to use the Phalcon\Collection class #13893
  • Refactored Phalcon\Session\Bag to use the Phalcon\Collection class #13893
  • Refactored almost all files of the project to abide by the new coding standard for Phalcon. Certain files have been intentionally left untouched because they will be relaced later on. #13915


  • Removed Phalcon\Session\BagInterface #13893
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