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acl fix params types
annotations Declared missing functions [#2196]
assets [1.3.4] Changes from 1.3.3 pr #2681
cache Updated Libmemcached::flush and Memcache::flush
cli Clean up #include
config Updated
crypt Clean up #include
db [fixes #2658] Oracle Model::find() not working
di Fix #2386
escaper Clean up #include
events Fix #2088
filter Part 1
flash Round 3
forms Segfault when an invalid DI is provided to Forms\Form
http Remove trailing space after "_extension
image Updated Image::resize
internal Added __call() to Phalcon\Registry
kernel Segfault when an invalid DI is provided to Forms\Form
loader Clean up #include
logger Fix #2638 updated Phalcon\Logger\Multiple::* parameters
mvc Merge pull request #2864 from dreamsxin/model_toarray
paginator Fix bug about \Phalcon\Paginator\Adapter\QueryBuilder
psr/log Fixing possible autoload problem with similar namespaces in Phalcon\L…
queue Updated Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk\Job::touch comment
security Clean up #include
session Merge pull request #2298 from dreamsxin/session_libmemcached
tag Clean up #include
tests Test case for #2829
translate Fix MSVC build error
validation Add Phalcon\Validation\MessageInterface
Makefile.frag Housekeeping
Makefile.frag.coverage Housekeeping
Makefile.frag.deps Housekeeping
acl.c Part 1
acl.h Part 1
clean Restoring old behavior in Mvc\Model\Row
config.c Round 3
config.m4 Merge pull request #2552 from dreamsxin/2536
config.w32 Take care of #2144
crypt.c Adding checks
crypt.h Part 1
cryptinterface.c Fix typos in ext/cryptinterface.c [ci skip]
cryptinterface.h Part 1
db.c Part 1
db.h Part 1
debug.c Fix #2840
debug.h Part 2
di.c Round 3
di.h Part 1
diinterface.c Clean up Phalcon\DiInterface
diinterface.h Clean up Phalcon\DiInterface
dispatcher.c [Repair]Fix bug #2270
dispatcher.h Part 2
dispatcherinterface.c Part 2
dispatcherinterface.h Part 2
escaper.c Misc fixes
escaper.h Part 1
escaperinterface.c Part 1
escaperinterface.h Part 1
exception.c Clean up #include
exception.h Part 1
filter.c Fix Phalcon\Filter::add support accept callable
filter.h Part 1
filterinterface.c Part 1
filterinterface.h Part 1
flash.c Round 3
flash.h Part 1
flashinterface.c Part 1
flashinterface.h Part 1
image.c Part 1
image.h Update year to 2014
install Segfault when an invalid DI is provided to Forms\Form
interned-strings.c Misc fixes
interned-strings.h Misc fixes
kernel.c Adding checks
kernel.h Part 1
loader.c Fixing possible autoload problem with similar namespaces in Phalcon\L…
loader.h Part 1
logger.c Part 1
logger.h Part 1
pconfig.h Part 1
phalcon.c Merge pull request #2552 from dreamsxin/2536
phalcon.h Add Phalcon\Mvc\Collection::create and update
php_phalcon.h Updating version to 1.3.4
registry.c Added __call() to Phalcon\Registry
registry.h Phalcon\Registry
security.c Merge pull request #2542 from WooDzu/security-hash-fix
security.h Support all hashes supported by crypt() in Phalcon\Security::hash()
tag.c [1.3.4] Changes from 1.3.3 pr #2681
tag.h Part 1
text.c Further PHALCON_CALL_FUNCTION optimization
text.h Part 1
validation.c Fix bug of Phalcon\Validation::setDefaultMessages
validation.h Fix #2096
version.c Updating version to 1.3.4
version.h Use constants instead of hardcoded values
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