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Framework Benchmarks

Performance has always been one of the key factors that dictated application implementations. With the latest technological advances, not only do we enjoy faster processors and much more RAM but at a very low cost. Therefore, the raw application performance was not seen as an important factor and masked sadly bad design decisions.

The last few years, search engines and Google in particular, decided to take into account the response time of each site when calculating search rankings. Improving the response time of an application will not only have a positive impact in the search rankings but it will also offer a better user experience.

This benchmark shows how fast and efficient Phalcon is compared to other traditional frameworks.

We have only used the skeleton applications that each framework provides and tried to put every framework in production mode.

If you have suggestions that we could implement to make this benchmark as realistic as possible, feel free to issue a pull request with your suggestions.

Results & Information

Visit for more information.