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Combination of one of the best template engine Latte and pretty fast framework Phalcon.


$ composer require phalette/platte:dev-master



Register Platte as your next template engine.

use Phalette\Platte\Latte\LatteFactory;
use Phalette\Platte\LatteTemplateAdapter;

$di->set('view', function () {
    $view = new View();
        ".latte" => function ($view, $di) {
            $factory = new LatteFactory();
            $factory->setTempDir(__DIR__ . '/cache');
            return new LatteTemplateAdapter($view, $di, $factory);
    return $view;

Features from Phalcon

You can access variables in templates.

$_view Phalcon\Mvc\View
$_tag Phalcon\Tag
$_url Phalcon\Mvc\Url
$_security Phalcon\Security

In extreme cases you can access $_di. But I really not recommend it.


Files & contents
{content} $_view->getContent()
{partial} $_view->getPartial($path)
Links & urls
{linkTo} $_tag->linkTo($args...)
{url} $_url->get($uri)
{textField} $_tag->textField($args)
{passwordField} $_tag->passwordField($args)
{hiddenField} $_tag->hiddenField($args)
{fileField} $_tag->fileField($args)
{radioField} $_tag->radioField($args)
{submitButton} $_tag->submitButton($args)
{selectStatic} $_tag->selectStatic($args...)
{select} $_tag->select($args...)
{textArea} $_tag->textArea($args)
{form} $_tag->form($args)
{endForm} $_tag->endForm()
{title} $_tag->getTitle()
{friendlyTitle} $_tag->friendlyTitle($args...)
{doctype} $_tag->getDocType()
{stylesheetLink} $_tag->stylesheetLink($args...)
{css} $_tag->javascriptInclude($args...)
{javascriptInclude} $_tag->javascriptInclude($args...)
{js} $_tag->javascriptInclude($args...)
{image} $_tag->image($args)
{securityToken} $_security->getToken()
{securityTokenKey} $_security->getTokenKey()

Features from Nette

You can use all the great features from the Latte.

Latte Template Engine

See more on official documentation.

You can use macros and filters.


Classic macros

    {foreach $users as $user}


<ul n:foreach="$users as $user">


{var $time => time()}
It's {$time|date:'d.m.Y'} at {$time|date:'H:i:s'}

Latte Macros

See more on official documentation.

Variable and expression printing
{$variable} prints an escaped variable
`{$variable noescape}`
{expression} prints an escaped expression
`{expression noescape}`
{if $cond} … {elseif $cond} … {else} … {/if} if condition
{ifset $var} … {elseifset $var} … {/ifset} if (isset()) condition
{foreach $arr as $item} … {/foreach} foreach loop
{for expr; expr; expr} … {/for} for loop
{while expr} … {/while} while loop
{continueIf $cond} conditional jump to the next iteration
{breakIf $cond} conditional loop break
{first} … {/first} prints if first iteration
{last} … {/last} prints if last iteration
{sep} … {/sep} separator
{var $foo = value} variable creation
{default $foo = value} default value when variable isn't declared
{capture $var} … {/capture} captures a section to a variable
{include 'file.latte'} includes a template from other file
{cache $key} … {/cache} caches a template section
{php expression} evaluates an expression without printing it
{* comment text *} a comment (removed from evaluation)
{syntax mode} switches the syntax at runtime
{use Class} loads new user-defined macros
{l} or {r} prints { and } characters, respectively
{contentType $type} switches the escaping mode and sends HTTP header
{status $code} sets an HTTP status code
HTML tag attributes
n:class smart class attribute
n:attr smart HTML attributes
n:ifcontent Omit empty HTML tag
n:tag-if Omit HTML tag if condition is FALSE
{_}Text{/_} translates a text
{_expression} translates an expression and prints it with escaping
Blocks, layouts, template inheritance
{block block} block definition and immediate print out
{define block} block defintion for future use
{include block} inserts a block
{include mytemplate.latte} inserts a template
{includeblock 'file.latte'} loads blocks from external template
{layout 'file.latte'} specifies a layout file
{extends 'file.latte'} alias for {layout}
{ifset #block} … {/ifset} condition if block is defined

Latte Filters

See more on official documentation.

String modification
truncate (length, append = '..') shortens the length preserving whole words
substr (offset [, length]) returns part of the string
trim (charset = whitespace) strips whitespace or other characters from the beginning and end of the string
striptags removes HTML tags
strip removes whitespace
webalize (charlist = '...', lower = TRUE) returns string in cool URL form
toAscii removes accents
indent (level = 1, char = "\t"")" indents the text from left with number of tabs
replace (search, replace = '') replaces all occurrences of the search string with the replacement
replaceRE (pattern, replace = '') replaces all occurrences according to regular expression
padLeft (length, pad = ' ') completes the string to given length from left
padRight (length, pad = ' ') completes the string to given length from right
repeat (count) repeats the string
implode (glue = '') joins an array to a string
nl2br new lines with
Letter casing
lower makes a string lower case
upper makes a string upper case
firstUpper makes the first letter upper case
capitalize lower case, the first letter of each word upper case
date (format) formats date
number (decimals = 0, decPoint = '.') format number
bytes (precision = 2) formats size in bytes
noescape prints a variable without escaping
dataStream (mimetype = detect) Data URI protocol conversion
escapeurl escapes parameter in URL
length returns length of a string
null flushes the input, returns nothing

Features from your own

Writing macros

  1. Define macros
use Latte\Compiler;
use Latte\Macros\MacroSet;
use Phalette\Platte\Latte\MacroInstaller;

final class MyUltraMacros extends MacroSet implements MacroInstaller
    public static function install(Compiler $compiler)
        $me = new static($compiler);
  1. Register to LatteFatory
$factory = new LatteFactory();
$factory->addMacro(new MyUltraMacros);

Writing filters

  1. Define filters
final class MyUltraFilters
    public static function hi($name) 
        return "Hi $name";
  1. Register to LatteFatory
$factory = new LatteFactory();
$factory->addFilter('sayhi', ['MyUltraFilters', 'hi']);