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A port of Markus Koller's form_helper_css plugin (
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This plugin enhances the default tag helpers to automatically add CSS classes to form elements. It's similar to the enhanced_form_tag_helper plugin, but takes a different approach by directly intercepting the tag and content_tag methods, and should therefore work in all situations where form elements are created, especially the FormHelper and more exotic ones like button_to.

The following elements are enhanced:

  • <input> tags get their type as class name
  • submit and reset buttons additionally get the class name button
  • password fields additionally get the class name text
  • <textarea> tags get the class name text
  • <select> and <button> tags are not enhanced

If any helper options already specify a class, nothing will be changed. If you don't want a class to be added, pass :class => nil.

There is a single option which can be set in the following manner:

ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper::FORM_HELPER_CSS_OPTIONS.merge!(:append => true)

If set to true, then even if a class is specified, the magical classes will be appended to the output.


The form_helper_css plugin is released under the MIT license.


Philip Hallstrom

Original Author

Markus Koller

24 December 2006

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