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Default app for use with that lists/links your other apps.
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Pow Default App

Default app for use with that lists/links your other Pow apps. If you have lots of Pow applications it can be hard to remember what you've named them all. Pow comes with default virtual host functionality which can be used with this app to dynamically list/link your other Pow applications.

This app will try and use the first TLD configured in POW_DOMAINS, falling back to .dev. It also works with domains.

On mousever QR Codes will be displayed using your computers local IP address and These can then be shot with your phone to automatically load that app on your phone.


  1. Install and configure Pow.
  2. Install and configure ImageMagick (used to generate QR Codes).
  3. Download this repository and move pow_default_app to $HOME/.pow/default.
  4. Configure RVM/rbenv/etc to suite your environment.
  5. bundle install
  6. Open in your browser.

If everything is right, you should see a page linking to your other Pow applications.

To use with, open in your browser (replace with your IP address).

Note: Be sure to leave tmp/always_restart.txt alone. Without that file, the app will not recognize new Pow apps unless you restart Pow itself.


Example Example

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