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Everything you need to run Django on your Raspberry Pi

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DjangoPi Basic Installer

A one-click Django installer for Raspberry pi.

Install Django, Virtualenv and other Django-essentials on your Raspberry Pi.


To start:

  • Start your Raspberry Pi
  • Log in as ROOT - this is important
  • Download this package
  • Navigate to this package folder, this can be done via:
cd ~/path/to/package

Where path/to/package is replaced by the path. If you are unsure: ask for help or use the tab key to show a list of options.

  • Type:
sudo chmod +x

to make the file executable

  • This installer only takes one line of code to set up:

NOTE: this will take a long time if you're running it on a clean install, so go grab a cup of tea!

Adding your other packages

You can add your own packages to the installation by typing the package name at the bottom of the requirements.txt and running again.


Paul Hallett


Ross Masters

Danilo Bargen

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