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⚜️ Clientele

Generate loveable Python HTTP API Clients

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Clientele lets you generate fully-typed, pythonic HTTP API Clients using an OpenAPI schema.

It's easy to use:

# Install as a global tool - it's not a dependency!
pipx install clientele
# Generate a client
clientele generate -u -o api_client/

Generated code

The generated code is designed by python developers, for python developers.

It uses modern tooling and has a great developer experience.

from my_api import client, schemas

# Pydantic models for inputs and outputs
data = schemas.RequestDataRequest(my_input="test")

# Easy to read client functions
response = client.request_data_request_data_post(data=data)

# Handle responses elegantly
match response:
    case schemas.RequestDataResponse():
        # Handle valid response
    case schemas.ValidationError():
        # Handle validation error

The generated code is tiny - the example schema we use for documentation and testing only requires 250 lines of code and 5 files.

Async support

You can choose to generate either a sync or an async client - we support both:

from my_async_api import client

# Async client functions
response = await client.simple_request_simple_request_get()

Other features

  • Written entirely in Python.
  • Designed to work with FastAPI's and drf-spectacular's OpenAPI schema generator.
  • The generated client only depends on httpx and Pydantic 2.4.
  • HTTP Basic and HTTP Bearer authentication support.
  • Support your own configuration - we provide an entry point that will never be overwritten.
  • Designed for easy testing with respx.
  • API updated? Just run the same command again and check the git diff.
  • Automatically formats the generated client with black.