Amoveo mining with OpenCL for NVidia and AMD GPU.
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Amoveo mining with OpenCL for NVidia and AMD GPU on Windows or Ubuntu. This miner is free-to-use with developer fee minimum 1%, default 2%.


  • My AMD rigs are slow for multiple GPU. Why?
    • Try sk=2 and 18.3.4 Adrenaline drivers in gpu compute mode for multiple AMD GPU rigs. Alternatively try to run separate instances per GPU with SyncKernel argument sk=1
  • Do I still need to set b=? and n=? with kv=5?
    • No, kv=5 ignores b and n and tunes them automatically to a very good value.
  • Which arguments control hash rates?
    • BlockSize: b=?
    • NumBlocks: n=?
    • AutoLocal: a=0 or a=1
    • KernelVersion: kv=5 Was a previous veominer faster for you? Try kv=4 or kv=3 or kv=2 or kv=1
  • Why was an older version of veominer was faster?
    • Kernel optimizations are not faster for every GPU. If an older veominer was faster for your GPU rig, set kv=3 or kv=2 or kv=1
  • How do I set alternate pools?


NVidia Run Dependencies

  • Install Cuda 9.1 (includes OpenCL)

AMD Run Dependencies


Windows Release Zip


Example 2.0 and up:

veominer.exe BEhisEvznTU6uM+PrmOk62mGfYxe2rJwMTcbUQk1v9alYGS6PKYSczo4297GP401V9DF20YRzaGUYguK3lapWE4= b=128 n=128 p=0 d=all u=stratum+tcp:// diff=9800

Template 2.0 and up:

veominer.exe <MinerAddress>.<OptionalWorkerId> <Option>=<OptionValue>
  • DeviceIds: Default is ALL, d=0,1,2,3,4 or d=all
  • BlockSize: Default is 64. b=64
  • NumBlocks: Default is 100. n=100
  • SuffixMax: Default is 65536. s=65536
  • PlatformId: Default is 0. p=0
  • AutoLocal: Default is false. a=false or a=true
  • Difficulty: Stratum connection only. Default is pool set. diff=9900
  • PoolUrl: Default is stratum+tcp:// u=stratum+tcp://
  • Set GetWork Alternate Pools with many u= Example: u= u= u= Pool fail over not work with Stratum yet
  • SyncKernel: Default is false. Set true for most AMD. sk=true
  • KernelVersion: Default is 5. Available 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. kv=5
  • FailAttemptsSwitch: Switch Pool after fa= fail attempt. Default fa=3
  • ResumePrimarySeconds: Resume primary pool after rp= seconds. Default rp=600
  • DevFeePercent: Default is 2. Available 1 and up. df=2
  • ParallelBuffers: Only for sk=2, set pb=X parallel buffers. Default pb=2
  • RandomSeed: Deafult is Computer Name + Current Time. r=RaNdOmStRiNg

Example 1.5 and below:

veominer.exe BEhisEvznTU6uM+PrmOk62mGfYxe2rJwMTcbUQk1v9alYGS6PKYSczo4297GP401V9DF20YRzaGUYguK3lapWE4= 0,1,2,3 192 128 SEED 65536 0

Template 1.5 and below:

veominer.exe <Address> <DeviceIds> <BlockSize> <NumBlocks> <RandomSeed> <SuffixMax> <PlatformId> <AutoLocal> <PoolUrl> <SyncKernel>
  • DeviceIds is optional an defaults to ALL. Use list for not ALL: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • BlockSize is optional and defaults to 64.
  • NumBlocks is optional and defaults to 96.
  • RandomSeed is optional. Set this if you want multiple miners using the same address to avoid nonce collisions.
  • SuffixMax optional and defaults to 65536.
  • PlatformId optional and defaults to 0.
  • AutoLocal optional and defaults to false. Try set true. Some faster. Some slower.
  • PoolUrl is optional and defaults to
  • SyncKernel is optional. Default is false. Make multiple GPU kernel run synchronous. Most time bad.


Install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libcpprest-dev libncurses5-dev libssl-dev unixodbc-dev g++ git libcurl4-gnutls-dev libjansson-dev

NVidia Install CUDA9.1 (includes OpenCL)

sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys
sudo dpkg -i cuda-repo-ubuntu1604_9.1.85-1_amd64.deb
sudo apt update
sudo apt install cuda -y

AMD Install OpenCL

sudo apt-get install libclc-amdgcn mesa-opencl-icd

Install release

- Ubuntu16
tar -xzvf veominer_Ubuntu16_2.7.tar.gz

- Ubuntu17
tar -xzvf veominer_Ubuntu17_2.7.tar.gz

- Ubuntu18
tar -xzvf veominer_Ubuntu18_2.7.tar.gz



./veominer BEhisEvznTU6uM+PrmOk62mGfYxe2rJwMTcbUQk1v9alYGS6PKYSczo4297GP401V9DF20YRzaGUYguK3lapWE4= b=128 n=128 p=0 d=all