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Contributing to Phanbook

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Phanbook!

Stuff You Can Do

  • Report bugs. If you find a bug, we'd like to know about it. Work out which GitHub repository the bug report belongs to (i.e. an extension repository vs. the core repository) and then give us as much information as you can. Thanks!

  • Give us feedback. We want to know where Phanbook falls short so that we can make it better. Tell us what you think on the Development Forum with tags phanbook or in Slack with chanel phanbook.

  • Contribute code. Take a look at the issue list and see if there's anything you can help out with. See below for instructions on submitting a Pull Request.

  • Spread the word. Tell the world about Phanbook!

Pull Requests

  1. Review the Contributor License Agreement.

  2. Create a new branch.

git checkout -b new-phanbook-branch

Please implement only one feature/bugfix per branch to keep pull requests clean and focused.

  1. Code.
  • Follow the coding style: PSR-2.
  • Include tests and make sure they pass (subject to #3 and #4).
  1. Commit.
  • Commit messages are required.
  • They should include a short description of the changes on the first line, then a blank line, then more details if necessary.
  1. Clean up. Squash together minor commits.
git rebase -i
  1. Update your branch so that it is based on top of the latest code from the Phanbook repository.
git fetch origin
git rebase origin/master
  1. Fork your repository on GitHub and push to it.
git remote add mine<your user name>/phanbook.git
git push mine new-phanbook-branch
  1. Submit a pull request.
  • Go to the Phanbook repository you just pushed to (e.g.
  • Click "Pull Request".
  • Write your branch name in the branch field.
  • Click "Update Commit Range".
  • Ensure that the correct commits and files changes are included.
  • Fill in a descriptive title and other details about your pull request.
  • Click "Send pull request".
  1. Respond to feedback.
  • We may suggest changes to your code. Maintaining a high standard of code quality is important for the longevity of this project — use it as an opportunity to improve your own skills and learn something new!

Contributor License Agreement

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