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Sonarous is a Discord music bot written in Java. It uses the Discord4J library to communicate with Discord, as well as a number of other libraries to decode and manipulate audio.

Want this bot in your server?

Command Overview

The following is a short overview of the commands offered by Sonarous.

Basic Bot Commands

Command Usage Description
help help Provides a link to this document.
setprefix setprefix prefix Sets the command prefix in a specific server.
halt halt reason Kills the bot.
bind bind Binds the bot to a voice channel.
unbind unbind Unbinds the bot from whatever voice channel it's in.

Music Player Commands

Command Usage Description
skip skip Votes to skip the current song. Requires a majority to successfully skip.
forceskip forceskip Forcefully skips the current song.
pause pause Temporarily pauses playback.
unpause unpause Resumes paused playback.
volume volume decibels Sets the bot's playback volume in decibels. Ranges from -2147483648 to 6 dB.
playing playing Gets the currently playing song.

Queue Manipulation Commands

Command Usage Description
play play songUrl Attempts to queue a song from the given link.
search search provider query Searches for a song provided by a given provider.
result result index Adds a search result to the queue.
lsqueue lsqueue Lists currently queued songs.
unqueue unqueue index Removes the queued song at the given index.

Provider Manipulation Commands

Command Usage Description
lssop lssop Lists available song providers.
lssep lssep Lists available search providers.

Resource Providers

In order to parse songs and searches, Sonarous exposes elements called "song providers" and "search providers". Essentially, they function to parse your input and convert them to songs and searches for a given song service. For example, a SoundCloud song provider parses SoundCloud URLs and tries to grab music tracks for playback. Similarly, a SoundCloud search provider searches SoundCloud for songs using user-provided search queries. In order to use a particular music service with Sonarous, you need a song provider and/or search provider for that service.

Bot Configuration

In order to run the bot, you'll need a file called sonarous_cfg.json in the working directory. The file should look something like this:

    "token": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz",
    "prefix": "!",
    "admin": "1234567890123456",
    "providers": {
    "ffmpeg": {
        "ffmpegPath": "path/to/ffmpeg",
        "ffprobePath": "path/to/ffprobe"

The parameters seem pretty self-explanatory, but here's a table of them anyways:

Parameter Type Function
token String The bot's oauth token.
prefix String The bot's default command prefix.
admin String The bot owner's user ID.
providers Map Provider configuration. See below.
ffmpeg Map FFmpeg configuration.
ffmpegPath Path Path to the ffmpeg executable.
ffprobePath Path Path to the ffprobe executable.

Available Providers

YouTube Provider

Requires an FFmpeg installation to be configured, as well as (ytdl)[]. The configuration should look like this:

"providers": {
    "youtube": {
        "ytdlPath": "path/to/ytdl/executable"

SoundCloud Provider

Requires a SoundCloud client ID. The configuration should look like this:

"providers": {
    "soundcloud": {
        "apiKey": "clientId12345678"


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