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Phantasma SDK

Software development kit for decentralized applications using the Phantasma blockchain



Phantasma implements a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain, with strong emphasis on privacy and security.

To learn more about Phantasma, please read the White Paper and check the official repository.


Click in your language link to get detailed instructions for that specific language and a collection of sample dapps for that language.

More languages will be available later.

Language Core Library Smart Compiler Sample Dapps
.NET / C# Beta In Development Yes
PHP Beta N/A Yes
Python Beta Planned Yes
Solidity N/A In Development N/A
Golang Alpha N/A Yes
Javascript Alpha N/A Yes
C++ Beta N/A Yes
Java Alpha N/A In Development


To development Phantasma applications it is recommended to run a Phantasma node locally.

Use either the pre-compiled build of Spook which comes bundled in the official SDK release or compile yourself from the source available in the official repository

To bootstrap your own test net just run a single instance of Phantasma node using the following arguments:

Spook.dll -node.wif=L2LGgkZAdupN2ee8Rs6hpkc65zaGcLbxhbSDGq8oh6umUxxzeW25

Note - For a development purposes you can keep your testnet Phantasma network running with just one node.

You can later move to the official test network where multiple nodes are running, in order to test your dapp under a more realistic enviroment.


You can contribute to Phantasma with issues and PRs. Simply filing issues for problems you encounter is a great way to contribute. Contributing implementations is greatly appreciated.


The Phantasma project is released under the MIT license, see for more details.