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  • Update Phantasma's peers links, add support for testnet peers link
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  • Fix wallet hanging on startup if selected RPC is dead
  • Phantasma Link: Support for multiple results in single call of InvokeScript
  • Add new token logos
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  • Speed up balance/history load, everything loads independently now and broken rpcs of one chain shouldn't affect other chains. Also swaps loaded separately now
  • Neo error handling completely reworked, RPC fallback should start working now
  • Add BSC RPCs benchmarking and fallback
  • Add Ethereum/BSC signature support for Phantasma Link
  • Remove unneeded balance/history reloads
  • Refresh button now updates only currenly selected blockchain
  • Refresh only Phantasma balances after cosmic swap
  • Refresh button now has 30 seconds cooldown period (but allows one balance refresh by user right after sending transaction)
  • Add support for BEP20 USDT
  • Fix BSC history loading
  • Fix glitching address hint button
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  • Add SPE token support
  • Add GM token support
  • Better description for pharming reward-claming tx
  • Fix "SM reward" button disabled when all SOUL is staked
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  • Add full GAME NFTs support
  • Add local time stake timestamp to staking info
  • Fix/tune BSC swaps fees requirements
  • Fix testnet GM compatibility
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  • Fix Eth swaps fee calculation
  • Add HoDooi token logo
  • Phantasma Link improvements
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  • Fix PHA-ETH swapping issue (allowed BNB to be swapped to ETH)
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  • BSC swaps enabled
  • Add batch NFT transfer (100 NFTs per transfer limit removed)
  • Add "Phantasma staking info"/"Phantasma address info" buttons to Settings screen
  • Add "Info" button to get staking information when logged into account (available on PC with Shift pressed)
  • Add button to claim SM rewards (available on PC with Shift pressed)
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  • Fix wallet not launching if testnet is selected and unavailable
  • Fix CoinGecko token symbol initialisation for same token on multiple platforms
  • Fix password-protected wallet migration
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  • One seed now can be used to create any number of wallets. Private key derivation scheme is Metamask compatible
  • Add BSC support
  • Add password mode setting allowing to lower security level by not asking password for every transaction
  • Add master password mode (least secure)
  • Add simplified seed verification mode for advanced users (turned off by default)
  • Use existing KCAL instead of cosmic swapping when claiming ETH/BSC swaps on Phantasma
  • If account creation process is interrupted during seed verification, account is not saved
  • Fix KCAL swap claiming on Phantasma requesting for pre-existing KCAL and blocking cosmic swap
  • Fix ETH fee subtracted from max allowed amount for ERC20 tokens transfers within ETH network
  • Fix "Collection was modified" error appearing sometimes after account creation or modification
  • Fix rare issue when balance refresh could get stuck after getTokens call failure
  • Fix crash on incorrect WIF import attempt
  • Fix password prompt allowing empty password