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PySlurm: Slurm interface for Python

Authors: Mark Roberts <> and Stephan Gorget <>


Currently PySlurm is under development to move from it's thin layer on top of the Slurm C API to an object orientated interface.

The current branch is based on the Slurm 2.6.0 API


This version has been tested with Slurm 2.6.0, Cython 0.15.1 and Python 2.7


You will need to instruct the script where either the Slurm install root directory or where the Slurm libraries and Slurm include files are :

  1. Slurm default directory (/usr):

    • python build
    • python install
  2. Indicate Blue Gene type (L/P/Q) on build line:

    • --bgl or --bgp or --bgq
  3. Slurm root directory (Alternate installation directory):

    • python build --slurm=PATH_TO_SLURM_DIR
    • python install
  4. Separate Slurm library and include directory paths:

    • python build --slurm-lib=PATH_TO_SLURM_LIB --slurm-inc=PATH_TO_SLURM_INC
    • python install
  5. The build will automatically call a cleanup procedure to remove temporary build files but this can be called directly if needed as well with :

    • python clean


Sphinx (needs to be installe) is currently used to generate the documentation from the reStructuredText based doc strings from the module once it is built and can be regenerated at any time :

  • cd doc
  • make clean
  • make html

Prebuilt documentation for the module can be reviewed online, and the source code is available on GitHub.

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