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(ns todo-list.client
(:require [reagent.core :as r]
[todo-list.todo :as todo]
[todo-list.todo-list :as tdl]))
;; TODO: use bulma for styling
(defn filters [todo-list]
(let [change-filter (fn [f]
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/update-filter % f)))]
[:li [:button {:on-click #(change-filter :all)} "Show All"]]
[:li [:button {:on-click #(change-filter :active)} "Show Active"]]
[:li [:button {:on-click #(change-filter :completed)} "Show Completed"]]]))
(defn lister [todo-list]
(let [items (tdl/get-todos @todo-list)
toggle-todo (fn [item]
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/toggle-todo % item)))
delete-todo (fn [item]
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/delete-todo % item)))]
(for [item items]
^{:key (todo/get-id item)} [:li
{:style (if (todo/completed? item)
{:text-decoration "line-through"}
[:input {:type "checkbox"
:checked (todo/completed? item)
:on-change #(toggle-todo item)}]
(todo/get-description item)
{:on-click #(delete-todo item)}
(defn input [todo-list]
(let [value (r/atom "")
handle-click #(reset! value (-> % .-target .-value))
handle-submit (fn [e]
(.preventDefault e)
(swap! todo-list #(->> (todo/create @value)
(tdl/add-todo %)))
(reset! value "")))]
(fn []
{:on-submit handle-submit}
[:input {:type "text"
:value @value
:on-change handle-click}]])))
(defn elements-left [todo-list]
[:div (str "Elements left: " (tdl/count-active-todos @todo-list))])
(defn remove-completed-btn [todo-list]
(let [handle-click (fn []
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/remove-all-completed-todos %)))
disabled? (zero? (tdl/count-completed-todos @todo-list))]
{:on-click handle-click
:disabled disabled?}
"Remove all completed elements"]))
(defn complete-uncomplete-button [todo-list]
(let [handle-click (fn []
(if (tdl/all-todos-completed? @todo-list)
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/uncomplete-all %))
(swap! todo-list #(tdl/complete-all %))))
btn-text (if (tdl/all-todos-completed? @todo-list)
"Uncomplete all"
"Complete all")
disabled? (zero? (tdl/count-all-todos @todo-list))]
{:on-click handle-click
:disabled disabled?}
(defn page []
(let [tdl-atom (r/atom (tdl/create))]
[filters tdl-atom]
[elements-left tdl-atom]
[input tdl-atom]
[complete-uncomplete-button tdl-atom]
[remove-completed-btn tdl-atom]
[lister tdl-atom]]))
(r/render [page]
(-> js/document
(.getElementById "app")))
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