Artefact is a framework to generate PDF documents in Pharo.
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Artefact is a framework to generate PDF documents in Pharo.

Artefact is written and supported by Olivier Auverlot and Guillaume Larcheveque (aka The Pasta Team)


It is fully written in Smalltalk and doesn't require any native library. Artefact is light, platform independant and offer to users a high level of abstraction in order to easily creating PDF documents.

  • Completely written in Smalltalk (and only Smalltalk),
  • Complete freedom about the order of creation for pages, elements... (no need to follow the document order)
  • Multi format and orientation for pages
  • Page composition based on reusables PDF elements,
  • Extensibility by offering a composition standard to create your own high level elements
  • StyleSheet that can be reused in many documents and avoid wasting time and place with duplication
  • Image support with JPEG and PNG formats
  • Pre-defined high level elements like datagrid
  • Support PDF compression to produce compact files


Install Artefact

To install Artefact on your Pharo image you can just execute the following script:

    Metacello new
    	githubUser: 'pharo-contributions' project: 'Artefact' commitish: 'master' path: 'src';
    	baseline: 'Artefact';

To add Artefact to your baseline just add this:

    	baseline: 'Artefact'
    	with: [ spec repository: 'github://pharo-contributions/Artefact:master/src' ]

Note that you can replace the #master by another branch as #development or a tag as #v1.0.0, #v1.? or #v1.2.? .

Getting started

To start using Artefact, you should look at the Artefact tutorial in the Help Browser of Pharo (accessible from the World menu)