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Branch: pharo
Commits on Sep 16, 2019
  1. Merge pull request #21 from SevenCenturies/FreeBSD-shell-script-wrapp…

    tesonep committed Sep 16, 2019
    Add FreeBSD compatibility to the shell script wrapper.
  2. Merge pull request #29 from guillep/enhancement/libssh1.9.0-openssl

    tesonep committed Sep 16, 2019
    Update for Windows 1903
Commits on Sep 13, 2019
  1. make build makefile download a prebuilt libssh 1.9.0 using openssl as…

    guillep committed Sep 13, 2019
    … crypto backend
Commits on Sep 9, 2019
  1. Add FreeBSD compatibility to the shell script wrapper.

    SevenCenturies committed Sep 9, 2019
Commits on Jul 3, 2019
  1. Fix methods ending with dots

    guillep committed Jul 3, 2019
  2. Update display for Pharo

    guillep committed Jul 3, 2019
Commits on Jul 2, 2019
  1. Add the processor-identifying predefined macros used by Microsoft Vis…

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Jun 12, 2019
    …ualC++ 2017 Community Edition to identify ARM (32 & 64-bit) and IA32 processors for the cogit and FFI wrapper files.
  2. Let 68004 be a base version number, supporting the 68021 64-bit Spur …

    David T. Lewis authored and guillep committed May 10, 2019
    …format. Base number plus Spur bit plus platform float order bit yields 68021.
    68004 + 2r10001 ==> 68021
    Restore a unit test that covers 68021format.
    Reorganize method categories to clarify bit assignment methods.
    Notes: 68004 has not been used in practice but is considered valid. These changes do not affect the generated ckformat.c program.
  3. Fixes to correctly translate ifNotNil: [:arg & variants.

    guillep committed May 9, 2019
    This makes Cog compile and run.
  4. Convert numeric constants to strings for concatenation using #printSt…

    guillep committed May 9, 2019
    Required for Pharo compatibility, where the arguments of concatenation are not automatically coerced to strings.
  5. Fixes in AST translation to make it work as in Squeak

    29 people committed May 7, 2019
    - to:do: => to:by:do: with extra arguments
    - ifNil:ifNotNil: => ifTrue:ifFalse:
    - fix arguments in TMethods
    - fix comments in TMethods
    - add name at the level of TParseNode (#name is not defined in Object anymore in Pharo)
    - Added FileDirectory compatibility layer using FileSystem behind the scenes (see FileDirectory and VMMakerFile classes).
    - Added PackageOrganizer compatibility layer using RPackage behind the scenes.
    - Extending Scanner and SystemNavigation with compatibility methods
    - Extending Time with compatibility method
    Co-authored-by: Alejandro Magistrello <>
    Co-authored-by: Alexandre Bergel < >
    Co-authored-by: Andreas Raab <>
    Co-authored-by: Anthony J. Hannan <>
    Co-authored-by: Bob Arning <>
    Co-authored-by: Chris Muller <>
    Co-authored-by: Dan Ingalls <>
    Co-authored-by: David T. Lewis <>
    Co-authored-by: Diego Gomez Deck <>
    Co-authored-by: Eliot Miranda <>
    Co-authored-by: Eliot Miranda <>
    Co-authored-by: Frank Shearar <>
    Co-authored-by: JamesRoberts <>
    Co-authored-by: Keith Hodges <>
    Co-authored-by: Levente Uzonyi <>
    Co-authored-by: Marcel Taeumel <>
    Co-authored-by: Marcus Denker <>
    Co-authored-by: Matthew Fulmer <>
    Co-authored-by: Michael Haupt <>
    Co-authored-by: Michael Rueger <>
    Co-authored-by: Ned Konz <>
    Co-authored-by: Nicolas Cellier <>
    Co-authored-by: Robert Hirschfeld <>
    Co-authored-by: Scott Wallace <>
    Co-authored-by: Stefan Matthias Aust <>
    Co-authored-by: Ted Kaehler <>
    Co-authored-by: Tim Rowledge <>
    Co-authored-by: Yoshiki Ohshima <>
    Co-authored-by: korakurider <>
  6. Removed tests for 68004, 68021 formats since 68004 is no longer a bas…

    kksubbu authored and guillep committed Apr 10, 2019
    …e version number.
  7. Added support for images whose header begins 512 bytes into the file.…

    kksubbu authored and guillep committed Apr 10, 2019
    … Expanded comments to explain magic file use.
  8. Allow <inline: #always> to override requirement for inlined function …

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 20, 2019
    …to be functional. This allows Slang usersa who "know what they're doing" (an oxymoron if ever I saw one) to insist on inlining something non-functional.
  9. Oops. The previous commit broke the warning for defines/variables. Un…

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 13, 2019
    …do the regression on warnings while keeping the bug fix for dead code elimination.
  10. Slang: Fix bug in dead-code elimination. In checking whether a name i…

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 13, 2019
    …s defined at compile-time or not we have to deal with both TDefineNode and TVarableNode, and so must use nameOrValue, not just value. This affects finalizeReference: which was having variables used in a "cppIf: PharoVM ifTrue: ..." arm deleted since the code generator incorresctly assessed the arm as dead code.
  11. Spur 64-bits:

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 12, 2019
    Fix OpenSmalltalk#376; Bug in primitive 551 (SmallFloat64>> truncated).  Fiox by also checking that the truncated value is in integer range.
  12. Ho hum. That default intialization for plgin source generation requir…

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 6, 2019
    …es a little more effort.
  13. Eliminate an undeclared variable.

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 6, 2019
  14. Plugins:

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Mar 6, 2019
    ThreadedFFIPlugin: Make sure the ARM identifyingPredefinedMacros do not confuse 32 & 64 bits (& change the 32-bit CogARMCompiler to match).
    Avoid using MultiByteFileStream, cutting back to the minimal StandardFileStream.  Obey writeFlag properly on opening a file (some platforms, e.g. Pharo6 use primitiveFileOpen/fileOpenName:size:write:secure: to check for existence (!!).
    Have the simulator halt before deleting a file (to avoid the simulator doing damage).
  15. Fix a typo in a comment.

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Feb 28, 2019
    Clément, ignore my ravings in the previous commit comment.
  16. Spur:

    eliotmiranda authored and guillep committed Feb 28, 2019
    Fix image segment storage when there is insufficient contguous space to store teh array of objects to be included in a segment.  I wrote the code to answer a suitable error object (a SmallInteger of the required size), but forgot to handle tyhe return, hence causing horrible crashes as the VM attempted to access objects in a SmallInteger.  this was Max Leske's failing segment storage test case (a 66.5Mb segment).
    Handle the case by introducing a new error code (PrimErrNeedCompact) and having the primitive perform a full GC when it gets the error code, and then to retry segment storage.
    Have printFreeTree/printFreeChunk:printAsTreeNode: mark the root node with a '+'.
    Fix some slips in free chunk integrity checking.
    Clément, I think "lazy" in the comment in SpurMemoryManager>>fullGC should be "eager", right?  I'll leave it to you to fix.  Also IO don't understand the SpurMemoryManager send in "self SpurMemoryManager globalGarbageCollect.".  What's going on here?
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