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Database drivers for the Pharo language
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Database drivers for the Pharo language.


Garage currently has drivers for:

  • PostgreSQL V2
  • MySQL
  • SQLLite 3

Install Garage

To install Garage on your Pharo image you can just execute the following script:

    Metacello new
    	githubUser: 'pharo-rdbms' project: 'garage' commitish: 'master' path: '';
    	baseline: 'Garage';

To add Garage Seaside to your baseline just add this:

    	baseline: 'Garage'
    	with: [ spec repository: 'github://pharo-rdbms/garage:master' ]

Note that you can replace the #master by another branch as #development or a tag as #v1.0.0, #v1.?.

You can also load a specific driver adding this snippet to your baseline:

		baseline: 'Garage'
		with: [ spec
				loads: 'postgresV2';
				repository: 'github://pharo-rdbms/garage' ]

Possible drivers been:

  • postgresV2
  • sqlite3
  • mysql
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