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Flexible implementation of the command design pattern.
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Commander 2

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Implementation of the command design pattern with the following objectives:

  • Simple model of commands
  • Ease reusability of commands accross multiple tools / framework
  • Instance of commands can be modified (e.g., name, description, etc...)
  • Pluging custom user-command made easy


Metacello new
	repository: 'github://pharo-spec/Commander2/src';
	baseline: 'Commander2';


Note: This example is now shipped with the Spec2 integration which is managed by Spec2 project. The code is thus no longer available in this repository.

Commander2-ContactBook package contains an example of Commander2 usage in the context of a Spec application.

The following code should be checked when learning how to use the framework:

  • CmContactBookCommand and subclasses are the definition of commands required by the example application.
  • CmContactBookPresenter class>>#buildCommandsGroupWith:forRoot: This method is the entry point to describe commands available to your Spec presenter. One can learn how to build group of commands from this method.
  • CmContactBookPresenter>>#initializeWidgets This method shows how to inject a Spec's MenuPresenter built from a command group in your presenter.
  • CmContactBookPresenter>>#initializeWindow: This method shows how to bind the shortcuts defined by your command group to your Spec presenter.
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