@guillep guillep released this Nov 5, 2018 · 18 commits to dev-1.0 since this release

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  • #1021 Self hosted gitlab support
  • #1027 Improved new tag dialog to generate semantic versionning tags
  • #1044 Show a button "View on Github" when creating a PR
  • #1008 Add "create branch from GitHub issue" option
  • #1048 Add commands to open remotes on Github
  • #1010 Add menu entry in extras to force calculate diff

Bug corrections

  • #975 Metacello asks too many times what to install when there are conflicting versions
  • #980 Iceberg should Identify better the packages and the normal files
  • #982 The Edit Project should have a Warning if it will affect the packages
  • #986 Iceberg does not realize changes in extended classes
  • #999 Pulling and pushing to a gitolite server asks password
  • #984 Conversion to Tonel generates corrupted .properties
  • #1041 Filter in repository view don't work with capital letters
  • #1019 Metacello Integration leaves Monticello leftover repositories
  • #859 Creating a branch and pushing does not sets the upstream
  • #1043 Packages starting with lowercase not recognized
  • #991 Error on right click in the project editon wizard
  • #775 Reviewing a PR is broken
  • #1036 Debugger if we try to merge without selecting a branch


  • #988 Iceberg should load the packages in a single MCLoader (This will make the loads of packages atomic)
  • #1001 Use "instance creation" instead of "instance-creation" for method protocol name
  • #1004 Use displayScaleFactor in UI
  • #977 Add ToolTip help to the Commands
  • #1030 Better support for binary files
  • #1034 SSH passphrase is now hidden


  • #1018 Iceberg UI relies on deprecated classes from Spec and Commander
  • #1051 Clean useless huge hierarchy in Github plugin UI

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • #1023 Fix CI for windows