C implementation of the esoteric programming language Deadfish with some additions
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C implementation of Deadfish

Requires GCC to build, or you can use any other C compiler.

Deadfish Commands:

  • i - Increment value by 1
  • d - Decrement value by 1
  • s - Square value
  • o - Output ASCII value

cod Commands:

  • b - Binary Two's Complement the value
  • q - Square root the value
  • r - Right shift value
  • l - Left shift value
  • & - Turn value into the value's pointer
  • n - Print number
  • e - Erase the value
  • 4 - Decrement the value to zero, while printing each ASCII value along the way
  • 5 - Do the same as 4, except reset the value to it's original number afterwards
  • 6 - Do the same as 4, except go upwards to the square of the value

##Use build cod. You can run the new cod.exe without any arguments to get a cli, or import a file use cod file.df. An example is in hello.df.