Memcache container with tunable settings.
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Outrigger Memcache

Memcache container with tunable settings.

CentOS-based image of Memcached distributed memory object-caching system. Provides various environment settings to tune the Memcache behavior.

For more documentation on how Outrigger images are constructed and how to work with them, please see the documentation.

Environment Variables

  • MEMCACHE_PORT: [11211] The port Memcache will bind to. (Note that if this is changed you must expose the new port in your docker command or docker-compose manifest.)
  • MEMCACHE_MAX_MEMORY: [64] Memory limit for cached data (not a global memcache limit).
  • MEMCACHE_SLAB_SIZE: [1M] Maximum size of a single object to be stored.
  • MEMCACHE_CONN: [1024] Maximum number of concurrent connections.

Security Reports

Please email with security concerns.


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