Node image for a JavaScript based server side platform
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Outrigger Node

Node image for a JavaScript server side platform.

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For more documentation on how Outrigger images are constructed and how to work with them, please see the documentation.

Node <= v6

Based on outrigger/servicebase, which provides a CentOS-base, s6 init system and confd configuration templating.

Node v8, v10

Based on official Node images, specifically the Alpine variant, and adds special functionality on top. Currently that includes:

  • tini init system
  • Coordinated support for Yarn and npm
  • Run services as the node user instead of as root.

We have switched to a simple templating mechanism to ease support for multiple node versions, assuming we want to handle future node versions in a manner identical to v8.

Usage Example

The examples in this repo use Yarn, but you can use npm as well.

Docker Run - Node REPL

docker run --rm -it outrigger/node:8

Docker Compose - Project-style

For a more thorough example of how you would use outrigger/node:2-node8 or greater in a "real" project, check out ./examples.

api: '3.4'
    image: outrigger/node:8
    container_name: projectname_app
    command: "yarn install && yarn start"
    labels: app
      com.dnsdock.image: projectname
    network_mode: bridge
      - .:/code

Node v4 and v6

In the current version of Node v4 and v6, npm install and start routines are built-in to the image. This makes them more project-centric out of the box.

docker run --rm -v ~/Project/node-app:/code outrigger/node:6

Environment Variables

Outrigger images use Environment Variables and confd to "templatize" a number of Docker environment configurations. These templates are processed on startup with environment variables passed in via the docker run command-line or via your docker-compose manifest file. Here are the "tunable" configurations offered by this image.

This only applies to Node v4 and v6.

  • SKIP_NPM_INSTALL: If this is set (to anything) it will not run npm install when the container boots.

Security Reports

Please email with security concerns.


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