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Gadget: A Generator for New Drupal Projects

Yeoman generator to scaffold a Drupal project for use with grunt-drupal-tasks.

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Gadget will set up a Drupal project with the site skeleton and tools to build your project and configure your build system with the Grunt Drupal Tasks kit.

  • Automatically uses the latest version of Grunt Drupal Tasks.
  • Select from Drupal 7, Drupal 8, Atrium 2, or Octane. The latest published release of the selected option will be used.
  • For Drupal 8, creates a composer.json file that requires the latest stable Drupal, Drupal Console, and Drush.
  • For Drupal 7, creates a Drush Makefile so your grunt build process is ready to assemble a working codebase immediately!
  • Provides numerous configuration files for Git, IDE's, and other tools for Drupal best practices out-of-the-box.
  • The entire Grunt Drupal Tasks features list is ready to go, including Behat Testing, Static Analysis, and Continuous-Integration readiness.


npm install -g generator-gadget grunt-cli yo

Grunt Drupal Tasks leverages a number of additional tools from outside the Node ecosystem, such as PHP and Composer. See Grunt-Drupal-Tasks for details.


To set up a new Drupal project with Grunt Drupal Tasks using Gadget, run the following in a new directory:

yo gadget


  • --offline: Will make a best effort to complete generator run, though some generated values may be non-applicable, such as Drupal Core version of "0".
  • --use-master: Will make a point of leveraging the master version of Grunt Drupal Tasks.
  • --skip-install: Will skip running npm install at the end of the generation process.
  • --skip-readme: Will not generate a (Useful when you've already hand-crafted the perfect project introduction!)
  • --skipWelcome: Skip opening welcome message.
  • --skipGoodbye: Skip closing messages.

Additional Resources

  • For information on using Grunt Drupal Tasks after installing with Gadget, see the Grunt Drupal Tasks documentation.
  • Interested in the Frontend? Check out our sibling project, Generator Patter Lab Starter to get a theme ready to go with options for Pattern Lab, icon fonts, SASS, visual regression testing, and more.

Docker-based Development

Install the dependencies:

docker-compose run --rm cli npm install

Then run the generator:

docker-compose run --rm yo gadget
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