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Example Drupal 8 Development Environment

Example Drupal 8 development environment using Outrigger.


Proceed through these steps from the examples/drupal8 directory:

1. Use the build container to run composer to fetch a copy of Drupal 8 and store it in ./build/html with:

rig project setup

or you can use the underlying commands:

rig project sync:start
docker-compose -f build.yml run --rm composer install --prefer-dist

The --rm portion of the command ensures that containers are cleaned up after they exit so you don't need to later do a docker rm CONTAINER_ID command

2. Start the Apache/PHP and MariaDB containers with:

rig project up

or you can use the underlying commands:

rig project sync:start
docker-compose up

3. Start a new terminal:

  • We leave the old terminal running so that we can see any log messages from within the containers.
  • Be sure it has your Outrigger environment configured. If not run eval "$(rig config)"

4. Ensure the installer has permissions to create the settings files and files directory with:

  • docker-compose exec www cp /var/www/build/html/sites/default/default.settings.php /var/www/build/html/sites/default/settings.php
  • docker-compose exec www chown -R apache:apache /var/www/build/html/sites/default
  • NOTE: You will get a few Operation not permitted messages, this is normal.

5. You should be able to load the Drupal 8 installer by navigating to:

6. Proceed through the installation with:

rig project run:install

or you can use the underlying command:

docker-compose -f build.yml run --rm drush site-install --site-name="Outrigger Drupal Example" --db-url=mysql://admin:admin@db/drupal8

Working with the Project

1. Running drush commands on the site

  • docker-compose -f build.yml run --rm drush cache-rebuild

2. Running composer commands on the site

  • docker-compose -f build.yml run --rm composer <command>

3. Getting a CLI on the code base (this will open a bash shell)

  • docker-compose -f build.yml run --rm cli

4. Importing a private key into the build container

When you need to clone data that is in a private repo, you will need to pass your SSH private key into the container so that it can be used with git to clone your project.

Uncomment the volume in build.yml's base service.

!!! NOTE !!! If your private key has a name other than id_rsa then first set export OUTRIGGER_SSH_KEY=<filename>