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Create Phaser projects with no build configuration.
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Phaser CLI

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Create Phaser projects with no build configuration.

Getting Started


In order to use Phaser CLI you need to have Node.js (>= 6) installed.


Run the following commands to install Phaser CLI and create a new project. This will create a new folder matching the specified project-name and will generate all the required files.

Currently the only boilerplate available to use is TypeScript, but this may change in the future.

npm install -g @phaser-cli/cli
# or
yarn global add @phaser-cli/cli

phaser create <project-name>

Running in Development

Running the following command will serve your project to localhost:8080.

npm start

If you wish to change the host or the port of the dev server you can prepend the command with HOST= or PORT=3000, replacing the example values with your own.

Building for Production

The following command will build your game for production, bundling code and assets into the /build directory.

npm run build


You also have the option to eject from phaser-cli allowing you to customise webpack and other config to your heart's content. This is not recommended unless you really need to change something.

Note: You will no longer receive updates through the @phaser-cli/scripts package if you choose to eject.

npm run eject


Phaser CLI is based on Create React App by Facebook and vue-cli by Evan You.

Phaser is created by Richard Davey.

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