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🛠️▶️ Powerline Xcode Version Segment

Powerline status prompt segment which displays the active version of Xcode.

PyPI version

🤳🏻 Usage

Add the xcodeversion snippet below to your powerline theme JSON file.

    "segments": {
        "left": [
+            {
+                "function": "powerline_xcodeversion.xcodeversion",
+                "priority": 60
+            },

🔧 Configuration

The spacing and symbol in the xcodeversion section can be customized (or removed). Add the following to your main powerline/config.json file:

    "segment_data": {
+        "xcodeversion": {
+            "args": {
+                "format": "🛠  {}"
+            }
+        },

The example above shows the default format. The {} will be replaced with the version number.

💡 Remember to kill the powerline daemon with powerline-daemon -k so that your changes will show up immediately while you test configuration changes.

📄 License

This repo is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for rights and limitations.

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