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Sample project for CQRS with Eventsourcing. RavenDB is used as the event store and a WPF Client as the UI. It's without eventual consistency.

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CQRS Sample with eventsourcing. RavenDB is used as the eventstore and for the read side.
There are two sample clients: one WPF Client with a nice UI and one console application for a quick start. 
It uses RavenDB in server mode - don't forget to start RavenDB.Server.exe

Visual Studio 2010 Solution using .Net Framework 4.
Set the project CQRSSample.WpfClient as you start-project.

It's based on samples by Mark Nijhof:
Greg Young:
and uses the eventstore and commondomain libraries by Jonathan Oliver:
The WPF Client uses Caliburn.Micro:
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