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A bunch of examples (via unit tests) showing how to do stuff w/ MongoDB via Java driver & Morphia

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More or less this is a bunch fof unit tests showing u how to do various queries. My goal is to cover almost all operations (or at least the ones i care about) using:

  1. the vanilla java driver (a bunch of examples exist)
  2. morphia's datastores (havent even started)
  3. morphia's daos (havent even started)

Then show how u can use guice to help configure set stuff up for ya...

  • run mongodb on port 27666 (/path/to/executable/mongod --port 27666)
  • import project into IntelliJ (community/free edition will work fine) or Eclipse (which sucks ass) and start poking around & running tests
  • you could run mvn test but it would be fucking worthless to not look at the code
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