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describe 'requiring gapi module', ->
it 'should contain the server namespace', ->
gapi = require '../index' 'server'
describe 'server namespace', ->
it 'shoud contain the setApiKey function', -> 'setApiKey' 'function'
describe 'calling setApiKey', ->
it 'should set config.api.key to the value of first parameter', ->
gapi.server.setApiKey 'AIzaSyB14Ua7k5_wusxHTQEH3sqmglO7MHjHPCI'
config = require '../lib/'
config.api.key.should.equal 'AIzaSyB14Ua7k5_wusxHTQEH3sqmglO7MHjHPCI'
it 'should contain the load function', -> 'load' 'function'
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