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v5.0.7 - work in progress

  • Added new configuration item global.debugjaxws of type boolean to enable WS debug logging
  • Renamed the administration page "SML information" to "SML configuration"
  • Instead of maintaining the SML URL manually in the settings, you now need to chose one of the configured "SML configurations". This implies that the configuration property sml.url got useless.
  • The name of the Directory can now be customized using configuration item By default it is "PEPPOL Directory" but it may be "TOOP Directory" for TOOP as well. This is a pure user interface configuration item and has no functional implications.
  • It's now possible to edit the extension of an Endpoint on the UI (see issue #74).
  • Improved the visualization of extensions when viewing the details of an object
  • In case a BusinessCard exists without a ServiceGroup, this no longer causes an Exception

v5.0.6 - 2018-06-04

  • Fixed an error with rolling back SML transactions (see issue #71)
  • The UI now has a possibility to explicitly unregister a Service Group from the SML without deleting it
  • Added the possibility to configure the execution time warning (SQL version only)
  • The field "is deprecated?" of transport profiles can now be handled via the UI
  • A new Status API was introduced to query configuration parameters (see issue #73).
  • Added a possibility to disable the status API via the Configuration

v5.0.5 - 2018-04-16

  • Fixed a stupid error that the deletion of a ServiceGroup is not properly propagated to the PEPPOL Directory
  • Updated to Jersey 2.27
  • Updated the default truststore so that the SSL certificates of the DG DIGIT SML are contained, as there seems to be an issue with the latest Java 8 update.
  • The "Create Business Card" page only shows Service Groups that don't have a Business Card yet

v5.0.4 - 2018-03-27

  • A suspicious comment indicating that PEPPOL Directory is not supported by SQL backend was fixed
  • The /complete/ and the /list/ REST APIs are now available for the OASIS BDXR as well
  • The sub-projects previously licensed under EUPL 1.1/MPL 1.1 are now licensed under MPL 2.0
  • The automatic PEPPOL Directory update on import/REST API was fixed (see issue #52)
  • The list of managed participants on the public start page can be disabled (see issue #58). Configure via property webapp.startpage.participants.none in
  • Warning about disabled SML can be turned off (see issue #53). Configure via property sml.needed in
  • Added configurable timeouts from SMP to SML using the properties and as mentioned in issue #67.
  • The Certificate information page now has explicit support for the new OpenPEPPOL PKI v3
  • By using the predefined truststore path truststore/complete-truststore.jks with password peppol support for OpenPEPPOL PKI v2 and v3 is provided
  • By updating to PEPPOL Directory 0.6.0 the extended PD Client configuration in file can be used. See for details.

v5.0.3 - 2017-07-21

  • Initial support for SMP Docker images was added
  • Fixed NPE in REST API if an invalid data format was used
  • Made SML registration IP and hostname configurable (see issue #49)
  • Existing service groups can now be subsequently registered to the SML (see issue #51)
  • The "SML registration" pages now contains a note, if the SMP is already registered to the SML.
  • The default page of the PEPPOL Directory was changed to - because of the very special https setup currently used, an update to the PD client library v0.5.1 is highly recommended
  • An error prevented Business Cards from being imported correctly - Thanks Ger for pointing this out
  • An exception when using the PEPPOL REST API in combination with an Endpoint without an URI was fixed
  • The Docker image got vim by default (see issue #45)

v5.0.2 - 2017-04-04

  • Fixed an NPE in "Check DNS state" when an empty participant identifier scheme is used
  • Added a new entry to the "Tasks/problems" page if the default password of the default Admin user was not changed
  • Improved and unified logging a bit
  • Vagrant configuration has been updated to work with the new structure from 5.0.1
  • Made the public start page static to decrease server load. The previous layout can be restored by switching the property webapp.startpage.dynamictable to true in the file.
  • Added support for a writable REST API to create/update/delete BusinessCards per API (see issue #43)

v5.0.1 - 2016-11-27

  • There are now 2 separate web applications for the SQL and the XML backend to resolve a problem with WildFly if a persistence.xml is in the class path but the XML backend is used.
  • An incompatibility with .NET using the inclusive canonicalization algorithm was fixed ("\r\n" vs. "\n")
  • The canonicalization algorithm used in the signature was changed to "exclusive" as stated in the PEPPOL SMP specification. The OASIS BDXR version still requires the use of the "inclusive" version.

v5.0.0 - 2016-11-15

v5.0.0 Release Candidate 2 - 2016-11-07

  • Fixed extension UI handling for BDXR service groups (see issue #30)
  • Delete Business Card when Service Group gets deleted (see issue #31)
  • Using specific namespace prefixes for SMP REST responses ('smp' in PEPPOL mode and bdxr in BDXR mode)
  • The endpoint list can now also be view as a tree structure (see issue #36)
  • Identifier case sensitivity (or insensitivity) is now based upon the used identifier schemes (to comply with the generic BDXR SMP CS03 specification). In BDXR mode all identifier types are case insensitive where in PEPPOL mode only the participant identifiers are case insensitive (when using the iso6523-actorid-upis scheme).
  • Service groups, endpoints and Business Cards can now be exported and imported to simplify the migration with all data to a different SMP (see issue #37)
  • Added the possibility to delete empty processes and empty document types from the list of endpoints.
  • A simple Vagrant setup for SMP was provided by @jerouris and can be found at

v5.0.0 Release Candidate 1 - 2016-10-13

  • A special Upgrade Guide V5 was created
  • PEPPOL Directory automatic update was added (see issue #25)
  • When running in BDXR mode, the Signature and Digest algorithm was fixed to SHA256
  • The SQL implementation for the business cards is in place (see issue #28)

v5.0.0 Beta 1 - 2016-08-06

  • JDK8 is be the minimum runtime requirement, the configuration is totally backwards compatible
  • The REST-API of the SMP can now supply either the PEPPOL XML format (in namespace or the BDXR SMP XML format (in namespace (see issue #29)
  • The "SMP - SML tools" page from has been integrated (see issue #22)
  • It's possible to customize the SMLs to use inside the tool (see issue #23)
  • A truststore for https connection with the SML can now be configured
  • Keystore and truststore can be reloaded at runtime
  • Identifier types are now customizable (see issue #20)
  • The "minimum SQL" implementation introduced in 4.1.1 was removed again because the original requestor no longer uses it.
  • Improved the integration of the PEPPOL Directory configuration into the system
  • New pages for bulk changing URLs and certificates are present (see issues #4 and #27)
  • Certain settings can now be changed at runtime:
    • Enable or disable the writable REST APIs
    • Enable or disable the PEPPOL Directory integration and specify the hostname
    • Enable or disable the connection to the SML and the specify the management endpoint
  • The "Transport profiles" page was moved into the "Administration" sub menu

v4.1.2 - 2016-03-05

  • This is the last version supporting JDK 7
  • Added experimental support for PEPPOL Directory Business Cards (properties and - see PEPPOL Directory Integration

v4.1.1 - 2016-02-23

  • Added a new "minimum SQL" SMP implementation without a GUI - as simple as possible: peppol-smp-server-webapp-sqlmin
  • All service group (participant) identifiers are now treated case insensitive.
  • Fixed the handling of the SML migration keys as SMK 3 limits them to 24 characters

v4.1.0 - 2015-12-07

  • Changed the application title to "ph-peppol-smp-server"
  • Fixed some internal URL encodings in links (on the UI)
  • Endpoint reference URLs are now optional - creating empty Address elements
  • Fixed a problem that consecutive PUTs for service information caused an internal error and required an intermediate DELETE
  • Deletion of redirects via the REST API works
  • Separated the version number into a separate properties file (
  • Fixed an EclipseLink caching issue that "find"s after delete still delivered a result (SQL backend only)
  • Added new smp-server property smp.publicurl to specify the public (outside) URL of the SMP server in an easy way
  • Added the possibility to define custom transport profiles and use them for your endpoints

v4.0.3 - 2015-11-09

  • Fixed a severe bug - the SML deletion of service groups did not work with the SQL backend - the XML backend is not affected!
  • A new page "Tasks and problems" showing potential misconfiguration and action items for all service groups was added
  • Added new version number property ('webapp.version' in file

v4.0.2 - 2015-11-05

  • Added the configuration option to disable the non-standard writable REST API programmatically. See Configuration for details.
  • Updated the SML client so that it works with the new CIPA SMK 3.0.0 (passing SMP-ID when deleting a participant)

v4.0.1 - 2015-10-08

  • fixed a problem that some signed serialized REST responses could not be validated correctly

v4.0.0 - 2015-10-04

  • Initial version with management GUI and replaceable backend
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