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phase4 1.3.0

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@phax phax released this 03 May 14:27
· 803 commits to master since this release
  • Updated to ph-commons 10.1
  • Moved the classes AS4IncomingDumperFileBased, AS4OutgoingDumperFileBased and AS4RawResponseConsumerWriteToFile from package com.helger.phase4.servlet.dump to package com.helger.phase4.dump. The old classes remain there, but deprecated.
  • IAS4IncomingDumper.onEndRequest is only called if onNewRequest returned a non-null stream
  • Improved logging in case of failed sending prerequisites
  • Changed from Offset(Date|Time|DateTime) to XMLOffset(Date|Time|DateTime) where the message exchange is affected
  • The JAXB implementation must now explicitly be added to an application pom.xml e.g. like this: