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phoss SMP is a complete SMP server that supports both the PEPPOL SMP specification as well as the OASIS BDXR SMP 1.0 specification. It comes with a management GUI and an XML backend for simplified operations.
It was the first SMP to be CEF eDelivery conformant.


Latest version: 5.2.0 (2019-07-18).

!! Users with SQL backend need to change the DB layout for 5.2.x !!

A Docker container can be found at See the special Migrations guide for actions necessary on updates/version changes.

Please read the Wiki for a detailed description, configuration reference and setup hints. It contains an introduction with screenshots, configuration, building and running instructions as well as News and noteworthy.

For querying an SMP server you may want to have a look at the OSS peppol-smp-client library.

If you like (and use) this SMP it is highly appreciated if you could star this project on GitHub - thanks :)

My personal Coding Styleguide | On Twitter: @philiphelger

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