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@phax phax released this Jul 18, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

  • Check the Migrations page for manual update actions
  • The GitHub project was renamed from peppol-smp-server to phoss-smp
    • The internal submodule names were adopted:
      • peppol-smp-server-libraryphoss-smp-backend
      • peppol-smp-server-sqlphoss-smp-backend-sql
      • peppol-smp-server-xmlphoss-smp-backend-xml
      • peppol-smp-server-webappphoss-smp-webapp
      • peppol-smp-server-webapp-sqlphoss-smp-webapp-sql
      • peppol-smp-server-webapp-xmlphoss-smp-webapp-xml
    • The Maven artifact IDs were changed according to the new submodule names
    • All internal package names were changed to reflect the new naming (com.helger.peppol.smpserver.* was changed to com.helger.phoss.smp.*)
    • System property names, configuration file names or configuration properties are NOT changed. If you don't develop against phoss SMP, nothing changed for you
  • Slightly changed the wording in the small hint menu in the secure area (see issue #100)
  • Changed the order on the "SMP Settings" page, so that "SMK/SML" comes before "Directory" (because it is more important)
  • The "Tasks/problems" page now also checks, if the SMP is registered to the SML (see issue #101)
  • The page "Certificate information" now knows about the "TOOP Pilot" PKI
  • Added a new button on page "Transport Profiles" to ensure all default transport profiles are present
  • Added new backend MongoDB (see issue #105)
  • Page "Endpoints" wont show up if no transport profiles are present
  • Fixed a missing call to persistence if only a process of an endpoint was deleted (only for XML backend)
  • Technical details of errors are shown in more details on the UI for better tracking
  • The service group import no longer creates (invisible) Business Cards if the respective service group cannot be created
  • The confusing default values in page "SML registration" were moved to the field help texts and other improvements (see issue #104)
  • An error in "Check DNS state" of service groups was fixed, that lead to erroneous resolutions to ""
  • Added a summary of the HTTP proxy configuration to the status API
  • The form at /secure now uses a hostname independent action URL for better work behind a reverse proxy
  • Fixed invalid triggers to the Directory if "Directory auto update" was enabled independent of the "Directory enabled" state.
  • The "Business Cards" page got an icon for the selected country in the list view
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@phax phax released this May 28, 2019 · 152 commits to master since this release

  • A new configuration option webapp.public.login.enabled in can be used to turn off the login possibility from /public URLs (see issue #102)
  • The Docker internal environment variable VERSION was renamed to SMP_VERSION to avoid conflicts
  • The Docker images now use Tomcat 9 with JRE 11 as the basis
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@phax phax released this Apr 23, 2019 · 157 commits to master since this release

  • The random generator initialization that caused long initialization delays ways fixed (through ph-commons 9.3.2)
  • The default read timeout for the SML connection was updated from 5 to 30 seconds issue #99)
  • The Docker images use the non-blocking random by default
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@phax phax released this Mar 20, 2019 · 167 commits to master since this release

  • Updated user interface to use Bootstrap 4.3.1
  • Reworked the REST API error handling, so that errors are propagated more clearly (see issues issue #72 and issue #80).
  • Added new configuration file property with the default value of false
  • Added new setting if Directory is required or not. Certain warnings are enabled/disabled depending on that status.
  • The Status API got a new item smp.pd.needed that contains the new setting if the Directory is needed or not.
  • The certificate update API was integrated in the SMP (see issue issue #70).
  • When using identifier type simple it is now possible to created process identifiers without a scheme (see issue issue #87).
  • Added new task/problem checks for "global debug" and "global production" settings.
  • The Status API got a new item smp.publicurl that contains the public URL from the configuration file
  • The Status API got a new item smp.forceroot that contains the setting from the configuration file
  • If Directory automatic update is enabled, any ServiceInformation change triggers a Directory update if a Business Card is available for the respective Service Group (see issue issue #94).
  • The X-Frame-Options HTTP header is now by default set to SAMEORIGIN to avoid click-jacking attacks.
  • The REST API implementation was reworked to be more secure and less prone to attacks.
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@phax phax released this Oct 30, 2018 · 286 commits to master since this release

  • The simple login from the /public now uses HTTP method POST instead of GET (security issue)
  • An issue with case sensitivity in the writing REST API to create service groups was fixed, if a case-insensitive identifier factory is in used (e.g. "peppol") (see issue #57).
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@phax phax released this Oct 29, 2018 · 305 commits to master since this release

  • Added new configuration item global.debugjaxws of type boolean to enable WS debug logging
  • Renamed the administration page "SML information" to "SML configuration"
  • Instead of maintaining the SML URL manually in the settings, you now need to chose one of the configured "SML configurations". This implies that the configuration property sml.url got useless.
  • The name of the Directory can now be customized using configuration item By default it is "PEPPOL Directory" but it may be "TOOP Directory" for TOOP as well. This is a pure user interface configuration item and has no functional implications.
  • It's now possible to edit the extension of an Endpoint on the UI (see issue #74).
  • Improved the visualization of extensions when viewing the details of an object
  • In case a BusinessCard exists without a ServiceGroup, this no longer causes an exception
  • If PEPPOL PKI v3 is configured, a certificate chain of 3 elements is expected
  • The Endpoint tree view now also has a button to directly query the endpoint
  • Updated to PEPPOL Directory API 0.6.2
  • Error handling was improved if an error occurred when communicating with the SML.
  • The Status API got a new item build.timestamp
  • The SQL backend now uses MySQL Connector/Java 8.0.x. I had issues with the timestamp handling which forced me to add useUnicode=true&useJDBCCompliantTimezoneShift=true&useLegacyDatetimeCode=false&serverTimezone=UTC to the JDBC connection URL. But the solution is still binary compatible with the previous MySQL 5.1 connector version.
  • Fixed an error with same internal ID when copying Business Cards on the UI
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@phax phax released this Jun 4, 2018 · 397 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed an error with rolling back SML transactions (see issue #71)
  • The UI now has a possibility to explicitly unregister a Service Group from the SML without deleting it
  • Added the possibility to configure the execution time warning (SQL version only)
  • The field "is deprecated?" of transport profiles can now be handled via the UI
  • A new Status API was introduced to query configuration parameters (see issue #73).
  • Added a possibility to disable the status API via the Configuration
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@phax phax released this Apr 16, 2018 · 433 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed a stupid error that the deletion of a ServiceGroup is not properly propagated to the PEPPOL Directory
  • Updated to Jersey 2.27
  • Updated the default truststore so that the SSL certificates of the DG DIGIT SML are contained, as there seems to be an issue with the latest Java 8 update.
  • The "Create Business Card" page only shows Service Groups that don't have a Business Card yet
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@phax phax released this Mar 27, 2018 · 444 commits to master since this release

  • A suspicious comment indicating that PEPPOL Directory is not supported by SQL backend was fixed
  • The /complete/ and the /list/ REST APIs are now available for the OASIS BDXR as well
  • The sub-projects previously licensed under EUPL 1.1/MPL 1.1 are now licensed under MPL 2.0
  • The automatic PEPPOL Directory update on import/REST API was fixed (see issue #52)
  • The list of managed participants on the public start page can be disabled (see issue #58). Configure via property webapp.startpage.participants.none in
  • Warning about disabled SML can be turned off (see issue #53). Configure via property sml.needed in
  • Added configurable timeouts from SMP to SML using the properties and as mentioned in issue #67.
  • The Certificate information page now has explicit support for the new OpenPEPPOL PKI v3
  • By using the predefined truststore path truststore/complete-truststore.jks with password peppol support for OpenPEPPOL PKI v2 and v3 is provided
  • By updating to PEPPOL Directory 0.6.0 the extended PD Client configuration in file can be used. See for details.
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@phax phax released this Jul 21, 2017 · 533 commits to master since this release

  • Initial support for SMP Docker images was added
  • Fixed NPE in REST API if an invalid data format was used
  • Made SML registration IP and hostname configurable (see issue #49)
  • Existing service groups can now be subsequently registered to the SML (see issue #51)
  • The "SML registration" pages now contains a note, if the SMP is already registered to the SML.
  • The default page of the PEPPOL Directory was changed to - because of the very special https setup currently used, an update to the PD client library v0.5.1 is highly recommended
  • An error prevented Business Cards from being imported correctly - Thanks Ger for pointing this out
  • An exception when using the PEPPOL REST API in combination with an Endpoint without an URI was fixed
  • The Docker image got vim by default (see issue #45)
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