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SMP 5.0.0 Release Candidate 2

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@phax phax released this 08 Nov 06:38
· 1851 commits to master since this release
  • Fixed extension UI handling for BDXR service groups (see issue #30)
  • Delete Business Card when Service Group gets deleted (see issue #31)
  • Using specific namespace prefixes for SMP REST responses ('smp' in PEPPOL mode and bdxr in BDXR mode)
  • The endpoint list can now also be view as a tree structure (see issue #36)
  • Identifier case sensitivity (or insensitivity) is now based upon the used identifier schemes (to comply with the generic BDXR SMP CS03 specification). In BDXR mode all identifier types are case insensitive where in PEPPOL mode only the participant identifiers are case insensitive (when using the iso6523-actorid-upis scheme).
  • Service groups, endpoints and Business Cards can now be exported and imported to simplify the migration with all data to a different SMP (see issue #37).
  • Added the possibility to delete empty processes and empty document types from the list of endpoints.
  • A simple Vagrant setup for SMP was provided by @jerouris and can be found at

All artefacts for the binary release are available at

See the Upgrade guide to V5