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phoss SMP 5.0.3

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@phax phax released this 21 Jul 18:26
· 1624 commits to master since this release
  • Initial support for SMP Docker images was added
  • Fixed NPE in REST API if an invalid data format was used
  • Made SML registration IP and hostname configurable (see issue #49)
  • Existing service groups can now be subsequently registered to the SML (see issue #51)
  • The "SML registration" pages now contains a note, if the SMP is already registered to the SML.
  • The default page of the PEPPOL Directory was changed to - because of the very special https setup currently used, an update to the PD client library v0.5.1 is highly recommended
  • An error prevented Business Cards from being imported correctly - Thanks Ger for pointing this out
  • An exception when using the PEPPOL REST API in combination with an Endpoint without an URI was fixed
  • The Docker image got vim by default (see issue #45)