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phoss SMP 5.0.4

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@phax phax released this 27 Mar 08:18
· 1591 commits to master since this release
  • A suspicious comment indicating that PEPPOL Directory is not supported by SQL backend was fixed
  • The /complete/ and the /list/ REST APIs are now available for the OASIS BDXR as well
  • The sub-projects previously licensed under EUPL 1.1/MPL 1.1 are now licensed under MPL 2.0
  • The automatic PEPPOL Directory update on import/REST API was fixed (see issue #52)
  • The list of managed participants on the public start page can be disabled (see issue #58). Configure via property webapp.startpage.participants.none in
  • Warning about disabled SML can be turned off (see issue #53). Configure via property sml.needed in
  • Added configurable timeouts from SMP to SML using the properties and as mentioned in issue #67.
  • The Certificate information page now has explicit support for the new OpenPEPPOL PKI v3
  • By using the predefined truststore path truststore/complete-truststore.jks with password peppol support for OpenPEPPOL PKI v2 and v3 is provided
  • By updating to PEPPOL Directory 0.6.0 the extended PD Client configuration in file can be used. See for details.