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phoss SMP 5.1.0

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@phax phax released this 20 Mar 14:29
· 1310 commits to master since this release
  • Updated user interface to use Bootstrap 4.3.1
  • Reworked the REST API error handling, so that errors are propagated more clearly (see issues issue #72 and issue #80).
  • Added new configuration file property with the default value of false
  • Added new setting if Directory is required or not. Certain warnings are enabled/disabled depending on that status.
  • The Status API got a new item smp.pd.needed that contains the new setting if the Directory is needed or not.
  • The certificate update API was integrated in the SMP (see issue issue #70).
  • When using identifier type simple it is now possible to created process identifiers without a scheme (see issue issue #87).
  • Added new task/problem checks for "global debug" and "global production" settings.
  • The Status API got a new item smp.publicurl that contains the public URL from the configuration file
  • The Status API got a new item smp.forceroot that contains the setting from the configuration file
  • If Directory automatic update is enabled, any ServiceInformation change triggers a Directory update if a Business Card is available for the respective Service Group (see issue issue #94).
  • The X-Frame-Options HTTP header is now by default set to SAMEORIGIN to avoid click-jacking attacks.
  • The REST API implementation was reworked to be more secure and less prone to attacks.