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@phax phax released this Jul 18, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release

  • Check the Migrations page for manual update actions
  • The GitHub project was renamed from peppol-smp-server to phoss-smp
    • The internal submodule names were adopted:
      • peppol-smp-server-libraryphoss-smp-backend
      • peppol-smp-server-sqlphoss-smp-backend-sql
      • peppol-smp-server-xmlphoss-smp-backend-xml
      • peppol-smp-server-webappphoss-smp-webapp
      • peppol-smp-server-webapp-sqlphoss-smp-webapp-sql
      • peppol-smp-server-webapp-xmlphoss-smp-webapp-xml
    • The Maven artifact IDs were changed according to the new submodule names
    • All internal package names were changed to reflect the new naming (com.helger.peppol.smpserver.* was changed to com.helger.phoss.smp.*)
    • System property names, configuration file names or configuration properties are NOT changed. If you don't develop against phoss SMP, nothing changed for you
  • Slightly changed the wording in the small hint menu in the secure area (see issue #100)
  • Changed the order on the "SMP Settings" page, so that "SMK/SML" comes before "Directory" (because it is more important)
  • The "Tasks/problems" page now also checks, if the SMP is registered to the SML (see issue #101)
  • The page "Certificate information" now knows about the "TOOP Pilot" PKI
  • Added a new button on page "Transport Profiles" to ensure all default transport profiles are present
  • Added new backend MongoDB (see issue #105)
  • Page "Endpoints" wont show up if no transport profiles are present
  • Fixed a missing call to persistence if only a process of an endpoint was deleted (only for XML backend)
  • Technical details of errors are shown in more details on the UI for better tracking
  • The service group import no longer creates (invisible) Business Cards if the respective service group cannot be created
  • The confusing default values in page "SML registration" were moved to the field help texts and other improvements (see issue #104)
  • An error in "Check DNS state" of service groups was fixed, that lead to erroneous resolutions to ""
  • Added a summary of the HTTP proxy configuration to the status API
  • The form at /secure now uses a hostname independent action URL for better work behind a reverse proxy
  • Fixed invalid triggers to the Directory if "Directory auto update" was enabled independent of the "Directory enabled" state.
  • The "Business Cards" page got an icon for the selected country in the list view
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