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Welcome to the "phoss SMP" wiki!

Latest release: 5.7.0 (2022-05-17) - See Migrations to read on specific upgrade requirements.

Goto the Download page to see how and where to grab the latest version.

This is an SMP (Service Metadata Publisher) server to be used in the Peppol eDelivery network and in CEF eDelivery based networks. An SMP is a decentralized registry and can handle the registration for multiple Access Points (APs). It is queried upon document exchange for the correct endpoint URL to deliver the document to as well as for the certificate to encrypt the message for the receiver. The endpoint URL depends on the participant identifier, the document type identifier, the process identifier and the used transport protocol.

phoss SMP supports the following specifications (the differentiation happens in the Configuration file):

Currently (March 2022), more than 50% of all Peppol production SMPs run phoss SMP

Note: this Wiki only refers to the SMP Server version 5. Earlier versions are not touched and it is strongly recommended to update to the latest version!

If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to contact me by email (philip[at]


  • Thanks to Jerry / @jerouris for providing the initial Vagrant configuration
  • Thanks to David / @dhixon for pointing me in the direction of Docker
  • Thanks to Vladimiras Kovalkovas for helping me provide an Oracle backend


Public start page of the SMP: SMP public area example

Overview of all service groups in the management area: SMP manage service groups

Create a new SMP service group: SMP create service groups

Show all endpoints of all service groups in a list: SMP endpoint list

or show all endpoints of all service groups in a tree structure: SMP endpoint tree

Create a new endpoint: SMP create endpoint

or copy and existing endpoint: SMP copy endpoint

Show tasks and problems: SMP tasks and problems

Modify certain settings at runtime: SMP settings

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