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Upgrade from 5.0x or 5.1.x to 5.2.x

The names of the WAR files changed:

  • peppol-smp-server-webapp-sqlphoss-smp-webapp-sql
  • peppol-smp-server-webapp-xmlphoss-smp-webapp-xml

SQL backend

An update of the database structure is necessary. Please see the DDL instructions in

ALTER TABLE `smp_service_metadata_redirection` ADD COLUMN `certificate` LONGTEXT NULL;
ALTER TABLE `smp_service_metadata_redirection` MODIFY `certificateUID` VARCHAR(256) NULL;

Basically a new column is added, and another column is made nullable

XML backend

Nothing to do

Upgrade from v5.0.x to v5.1.x

Nothing to do

Upgrade from v5.0.x to v5.0.4 or newer

It must be ensured that the new truststore (truststore/complete-truststore.jks) containing OpenPEPPOL v2 and v3 certificates is used.

Upgrade from v5.0.0 to v5.0.1

The name of the WAR file changed. peppol-smp-server-webapp-X.Y.Z' was changed to either peppol-smp-server-webapp-xml-X.Y.Z.war' or `peppol-smp-server-webapp-sql-X.Y.Z.war' (depending on the backend you want to use). This was because of some weird application server logic in combination with EcliseLink JAR.

Upgrade from v4.x to v5.x

To upgrade from version 4.x of the SMP to version 5.x of the SMP, please consider the following aspects:

  • Version 5 of the SMP server requires Java 8 both for development as well as for runtime. That means that also at least Tomcat 7 is recommended for execution.
  • When using the sql backend, another table must be added to the database. For MySQL, use the following DDL:
CREATE TABLE `smp_bce` (
 `id` varchar(45) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Internal ID',
 `pid` varchar(255) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Participant/Business ID',
 `name` text NOT NULL COMMENT 'Entity name',
 `country` varchar(3) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Country code',
 `geoinfo` text COMMENT 'Geographical information',
 `identifiers` text COMMENT 'Additional identifiers',
 `websites` text COMMENT 'Website URIs',
 `contacts` text COMMENT 'Contact information',
 `addon` longtext COMMENT 'Additional information',
 `regdate` date DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Registration date',
 PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
 KEY `FK_pid` (`pid`)
) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1 COMMENT='SMP Business Card Entitiy';
  • There are a couple of new Configuration items in version 5 which may require customization. For all configuration items sensible default values are used so there is usually no need to change anything. See Configuration for all the details.
    • smp.truststore.path: The classpath - relative to the project - where the Java trust store (of type JKS) with the public certificates of the SMLs to communicate with are contained. This property is optional. If no trust store path is provided, the SML client caller trusts all SML https certificates.
    • smp.truststore.password: The password used to access the truststore.
    • smp.identifiertype: determine the identifier types to be used.
    • this property determines the layout of the REST responses.
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